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"Cooked, nutritional dinner meals delivered daily to your door"

Do you hate slaving over a hot stove after a hard days work? Let us take care of dinner for you.Home cooked meals delivered to you in Cape Town

Why the Doorstep Chef?

We are redefining the way Dinner should be, try it for a week -  No strings attached !!
Save time and money to do whats more important to you, and leave supper to us
Simply place an order online or call our office

Closing Dates

Please note we will be closing on the

18th December 2015

and reopening on the

11 January 2016


Customer Testimonials

Joanne Fagan

Doorstep Chef has given us back what the previous generation used to enjoy…

and that is “Quality time with the family” in the evenings, instead of dashing home after

a full day’s work and hours of daily traffic , to exhaustedly stare into a fridge blankly,

hoping something is going to jump out at us…. then muttering under our breath,

whilst we slave over preparation; cooking and cleaning up after every night’s dinner !

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