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The Doorstep Chef was established in August 2007 by Leanor Abels, who has decades of experience working in the food industry, both nationally and internationally.

The Concept

After returning to South Africa after several years of developing her professional cooking skills, she identified the need to provide nutritious and affordable meals to families in South Africa. The idea came about when she noticed how often parents would run to the closest takeaway provider as a convenient option to feed their families. The concept was further enforced by witnessing the busy lifestyle that has been adopted in Cape Town. Leanor was determined to find an easier way.

The Building

Doorstep Chef has grown to become a household name in the food delivery industry, and currently feeds thousands of mouths every day. It became imperative to acquire a second branch to keep up with the demand, and both branches are currently located in the booming, and rapidly expanding borough of Parow, Cape Town.

Our People

Our kitchen houses 4 qualified chefs and 26 skilled and experienced kitchen assistant who all have the necessary expertise to produce fresh, excellent-quality meals. We continue to provide training and motivation to ensure that we retain the friendliest, most efficient staff possible. Another important aspect of our business is the delivery of your meals, which is why we employ 21 drivers, all with valid licenses and a friendly character to ensure you receive your food in a satisfying manner.

The management team is comprised of individuals whose backgrounds consist of years experience in the industry. Each department is operated by an esteemed professional who constantly works to uphold the company’s high standards.

Our Purpose

Your family deserves a healthy, fresh meal every day, and we exist to provide just that, as well as giving you quality time with your loved ones.

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Please note, The Doorstep Chef's last day of operation is Friday 30 August. Order for the week starting Monday 2 September need to be placed through The Chef's Bag. Click for details.